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http://invivospirits.com/Dated back to the 19th century our forefathers did live on the land we are now taking care. So it is an obligation passed on from one generation to the next generation. Although agriculture is no longer our main focus and times have changed also the approach of living, we have decided in 2007 to succeed. As one result this INVIVO Spirits company has started this business. We are taking care about organic farming but nevertheless we put also a lot of energy into sustainability. Just shortly I like to emphasize that it was Illyrian emperor Gentius who is said to have discovered the plant Gentiana lutea. It is at the same place we take care about that plant which is also called the "QUEEN of ALPINE FLOWERS". With your purchase you won't get only a remedy which is known for more then 2000 years but you will also help to keep the biodiversity and old culture about folk medicine alive into the next generation...



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