Genthiano Classic

Genthiano ClassicUnveiled secrets about top class noble brandies:

1) dividing the manufacturing process into a chain of constitutive steps

2) absolutely precise approach

3) combining tradition and regional products with innovation

You will experience all these principles in every single product which left our house.

Generally we are a family owned distillery based in Vienna with the emphasis of production and not about explaining how to make.... But many of our customers have asked us to go public and to explain some of our "secrets". With our "German language background" we are trying to do so. We hope you will like it and you will have abundance of patience! My grandfather used to teach me "No one is born a master" and I have to admit he was absolutely right.

Genthiano classic is distilled with a Carl pot still in contrast to the Genthiano special which is distilled with an alembic pot still manufactured by regional copper-smith. Before the fermentation of the classic we add selected dried yeasts depending on the quality of the fruits we have to decide either to use other additives like enzymes, acids and some nutrients. With our cooling system the fermentation temperature does not exceed the interval between 14 - 16°C. In general only ripe fruits (depending on the weather conditions) with high contents of fermentable sugar will result in rich aroma.

Once the fermentation process has ended we do have a mixture of water and alcohol in our mash barrels it is time to distill the liquid. Our pot still we do heat with oak. I have worked also with gas and even electric heating. I do agree that with electric heating work is easier. The temperature can be regulated very comfortable and this results in homogeneous products or even computer conducted distillation. When playing with the fire as distilling is described  in our region it is very important to have the wood carefully prepared. Wood billets have to be sized and dry. The separation from first fraction (mauvais goût) - middle fraction (bon goût) to last fraction has to be done by organoleptic tests. Therefore the distilled liquid is filled into clean containers which are numbered.
Depending on the various fruits the liquid has to mature in specific containers either made from glass or special steel before filtration is done.

As already mention absolutely precise working at any product cycle is necessary to reach such an exclusive quality which our classical Genthiano is representing.





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