Genthiano Special

The Genthiano special is made traditionally with an alembic pot still without a water bath (directly heated with oak). The spontaneous fermentation of the plum mash with the "wild" yeasts, present on the surface of any of our hand picked plum combined with the slow fermentation, result in a unique aroma. This aroma is transported from one generation to the next, so that many connoisseurs can even taste the different "TERROIR". Especially (Genthiana lutea) has a typical strong aroma with the intense character of our mountains.
We have also added a picture during collection of seeds which we need for the cultivation of Gentiana lutea. The appropriate selection of the seeds is the first step in having a perfect product like Genthiano special.

The picture shows Vaske, our uncle who is in charge of the selection of plants from which we take the seeds. He lives all the year in the mountains. He knows almost every inch and any plant in our region. After five to seven years the roots are ready for harvesting.

The picture shows the maceration. Careful tasting with adjusting either with noble plum brandy or Gentiana lutea is a must to reach top quality which is represented in a balanced product. This work is done mostly by or female family members as their sense of taste is said to be better. For me just the work of serving the brandy is left...
In Germany, as well as in Austria, Gentiana lutea has been placed under protection and may not be picked or removed. The plants needed for our production, we cultivate in Serbia above 1000m sea level. In autumn we invite selected customers to join us during the harvesting. You may obtain information about this event by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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