Mirabelle brandy

Mirabelle brandyDistillation
The art of distilling lies in separating the so-called heads and tails from the heart during the distillation process. For this a great deal of experience, a fine nose and a well-trained sense of taste are vital. Our female members assess the still young spirit for purity, bouquet and intensity. By adding fresh spring water the right alcohol content for an exquisite drink is achieved.
There are few companies whose name is so synonymous with quality than that of INVIVOSPIRITS. Since the founding we have strived for quality in everything we do. We concentrate on the essentials. We put love and passion into small details. We are equally passionate and meticulous about the production and maturing of our fruit brandies. Only when we are totally satisfied and once all in-house quality controls have been carried out at our distillery, do we give our product the seal of quality – this is simply our name…

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