It is reported that during the ancient time quince was used as aphrodisiac. Nowadays in particular, western medical science has no substantiated claims that any particular species of quince increases sexual desire or performance. But since I do know in our cupboard my grandmother and my mother have always stored some quinces as their fresh flavor is very pleasant. The two main species are Leskovačka and Vranjska. Our experience has learned us to to add a certain percentage of  "Konstantinopeler Apfelquitte" to gain a unique and persistent aroma.http://invivospirits.com/

The work with quince is quite hard and the yield is very low. We do have to rub off all the fluff. Mash from quinces are very dry therefore we do add water and pectinase. The quality of the fermented mash determines the flavour and aroma of the finished product to a large extent. The absence of oxygen is one secret of successful fermentation, while the various gases (C02) produced during fermentation must be allowed to escape through a valve to prevent pressure build up. It is also important to maintain a constant temperature between 16 to 18ºC. After distillation, aging and filtration, described in Genthiano classic and special the quince is diluted. The percentage of volume alcohol always depends on certain criteria like weather conditions before harvesting, soil, speed of distillation, aging and many others but also customer preferences. We have learned that customers in Russia or Serbia like 45 to 50 per cent volume of alcohol. In Germany, Austria and Swiss the best results at awards competitions are around 40 to 42% volume of alcohol. As we have only spring water we do use this water for diluting. Once we have made a series of triangle tests with distilled water the outcome did not show any significance. Although we have a very special spring with high amounts of Magnesium there we can significantly see the differences. The results were that "Magnesium" water was only preferred by a minority!

When it comes to storage we have to decide either to use the older oak containers or the newer one. In former times "noble brandies" were a secure currency. So it was not only a question of storage it was also an economic issue. All these aspects have lead to the situation which is reflected in the pictures which we never published before.  Please take a close look at Milos dancing his famous dance "rhythm of spirits"...

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