Raspberry brandy (Willamette)

http://invivospirits.com/First of all we have to admit that our region has a long tradition in exporting raspberries especially the species Willamette all over the world.  The soil, the weather conditions, the altitude of more than 1000m and the freshly picked raspberries contribute to the characteristic aroma in each of our bottles.  The special fermentation process with emphasis on the temperature, as  in the period of June to July we have very hot weather, is one of the major factors to keep the "Raspberry ketone" alive as they are the primarily source of the aroma compounds, you will taste when having a glass of this exclusive brandy. We do pick the berries just to a temperature of maximum up to 15°C. This means we have sometimes to stop the harvesting about 09.00 in the morning. We do mash the fresh fruits directly at the fields and store them at suitable places till the temperature has fallen and transport them to the facilities where the distillation will take place. We do offer to some visitors or regular customers also the possibility to take part in harvesting. Very often after the first hours our guests realize what it means picking the berries by hand. In case you are interested in taking part in this seasonal highlight just drop as a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be aware that harvesting already starts at 05.00 in the morning!! During raining and hot weather we stop the harvesting so our working hours are dominated by the weather conditions....

We have meantioned already that every fruit goes through the hands of people who add their feelings and energy to it. So now we can also state that each bottle is carefully chosen and sealed personaly by hand as well!

The aroma of our brandy will catch your attention even before your taste-buds will be delighted  with a persistent characteristic flavor of fresh picked ripe raspberries.  Just try it!!




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