Pear brandy

The “Williams Christ” pear sort was discovered in England as an accidental collection at the end of the 18th century and received the name of its first propagator, the tree specialist Williams of London: originally “Williams Bon Chrétien”. Already by the middle of the 19th century, the Williams pear was better known in Belgium than in England and became well known in Europe, also in North and South America, thanks to the Belgian fruit specialist Van Mons.

It is said that the first wild pear was cultivated in Persia, via Greece and Rome the fruit also entered our region. About 40 types were already known in Ancient Rome and thanks to continuous cultivation the number kept on increasing. In the 17th century, the French were accustomed to about 300 types, which increased steadily to reach 1000 in the 19th century. Today there are about 5000 sorts of pears known worldwide.

Unfortunately we do not have the species Williams Christ in our gardens and do therefore depend on our fruit farmers who do cultivate these classical strong lasting aroma pears. All the advantages we do have with our own Gantiana lutea, Raspberries, Quinces and Plums we do not have with these pears. It is very difficult to get the best Williams which are exposed to high fluctuation in temperature during the ripening stage which is crucial for the extraordinary aromatic character. Due to different opinions and points of view regarding the supply-chain, in 2009 we have started planting our own selected Williams Christ Pears, but it looks like our "Terroir" does not suit them. Our plans for the future are to replace the Williams Christ by our own wild cherry.

Harvesting, loading, unloading and all the other work is done by hand. Our transport facilities would make a nice scene in every museum. On the other hand each fruit goes trough a couple of hands. Every single person is advised to take care about the quality we are interested in. To get the aroma into the glass you will have it is a must to select every single fruit with passion!!
This can be done only by human!!

Every glass of our exceptional Williams Christ brandy is a unique experience and has the typical aroma of summer, sunshine and a lot more. Full-bodied with a resilient aftertaste it deploys its sensual ambiance. Try it as long as our Williams Christ is available...




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