Unmistakable Donauweibchen Gin

Juniper, orange peel and rose hips are the predominate flavors in this world-class, Vienna-made small-batch gin.


We are a proud local business and embody the rich history and culture of Vienna in the presentation of our products.

Invivo Spirits is a family owned business with a team consisting of nine members. We manufacture high quality spirits handmade in Vienna and offer a wide variety of small-batch distilled spirits for your enjoyment.


We distill our products in a specially-design vacuum still which boils at a much lower temperature than under normal atmospheric pressure. There are only a handful of these stills in use around the world.

This method is particularly gentle and preserves the delicate thermolabile flavors which would normally decompose in a standard still.


Vienna has the largest percentage of urban agriculture-zoned land within the city limits of all the world’s capital cities.

By working together with our partners, such as Vegetable Garden Rosa Fuchs, Leopold Prochazka and the family Bernhard, we process fresh produce into high quality noble brandies.

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