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We are Invivo Spirits, a Viennese family company with the aim of expressing the history and rich culture of our hometown in our products and their design. We offer high quality, handcrafted Viennese brandies and work as a team to create an extensive range of unique products.

Nomen is Omen stands for lively products that come from nature and are produced with commitment, imagination and creativity. In addition to high-percentage rarities made from spinach, paprika or cucumber, which are grown by the Viennese vegetable gardeners, tried and tested recipes from folk medicine stand out, in particular the yellow gentian (Gentiana lutea) which is cultivated on the soil of our forefathers (organic certification by Austria Bio Garantie).

The constant change from a mountain region in western Serbia (Zlatibor massif) to the metropolis of Vienna has led to a sensitization of natural forces and technical developments.

This symbiosis of new, ever faster developing technical achievements and the traditional extensive knowledge of subsistence farming are reflected in all products and activities.

Be it research funding in the field of pressure fermentation coupled with subsequent vacuum distillation at the HBLA in Klosterneuburg in cooperation with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences or sensory knowledge (which is mainly experienced during childhood and is stored forever in the brain) during time-consuming seminars and training courses in Germany (DLG), Austria (Destillata) or also in Serbia can be recognized in all facets of the work of Invivo Spirits.

Invivo Spirits GmbH spans an arc of sustainability, innovation and new, previously unknown pleasure experiences (spinach spirit) in a much discussed and sometimes controversial market.

We stick to Paracelsus: “Only the dose makes the poison”!


Letter of Intent signed with International Spirits

Vacuum Distillation Master Thesis 2

Orchards leased in Vienna 1110 Simmering. Staring with production of vegetable noble brandies like cucumber, pepper and spinach.

Distillation  facility and  entire equipment installed.  Vacuum Distillation Master Thesis 1

Company registration in Vienna. Tailor-made distillery ordered.


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