Genuss Region

Since 2018 we are very happy to be a member of the Genuss Region Austria. This umbrella organization is regarded as the leading culinary initiative in Austria, producing, processing, refining and selling regional labeled foods with more than 3,500 companies. We are proud to fulfill the requirements of this initiative especially with our vegetable brandies such as the paprika brand or the spinach spirit. The raw materials of these spirits are 100% sourced from local gardeners in Vienna.


Vienna has the largest percentage of urban agriculture-zoned land within the city limits of all the world’s capital cities. By working together with our partners, such as Vegetable Garden Rosa Fuchs, Leopold Prochazka and the family Bernhard, we process fresh produce into high quality noble brandies.

We use fruits and vegetables which otherwise would have been disposed of due to over-production, or the size, shape and blemish restrictions of European grocery supply chains.


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