Invivo Spirits is a family owned business with a team consisting of nine members. We manufacture high quality spirits handmade in Vienna and offer a wide variety of small-batch distilled spirits for your enjoyment.

We are a proud local business and embody the rich history and culture of Vienna in the presentation of our products.


More team information coming soon!

Victoria Felser


Stephanie Felser
Country Manager


Aco Nijemcevic
Master Distiller


Benjamin Posch
Creative Director & Product Manager


We distill our products in a specially-design vacuum still which boils at a much lower temperature than under normal atmospheric pressure. There are only a handful of these stills in use around the world. This method is particularly gentle and preserves the delicate thermolabile flavors which would normally decompose in a standard still. The reason we are confident that our product is of the highest quality is due to the quality of our source material, the award-winning talent of our master distiller and this unique method of production.

Our gentiano brandy was rated 97/100 points by Falstaff. Our Paprika brandy was chosen as the Biggest Sensation and Most Extraordinary Product at the ‘ProWein Messe’ in Düsseldorf, Germany (2016) out of the entire list of products of more than 6000 exhibitors.



Since 2018 we are very happy to be a member of the Genuss Region Austria. This umbrella organization is regarded as the leading culinary initiative in Austria, producing, processing, refining and selling regional labeled foods with more than 3,500 companies.

We are proud to fulfill the requirements of this initiative especially with our vegetable brandies such as the paprika brand or the spinach spirit. The raw materials of these spirits are 100% sourced from local gardeners in Vienna.



Vienna has the largest percentage of urban agriculture-zoned land within the city limits of all the world’s capital cities. By working together with our partners, such as Vegetable Garden Rosa Fuchs, Leopold Prochazka and the family Bernhard, we process fresh produce into high quality noble brandies.

We use fruits and vegetables which otherwise would have been disposed of due to over-production, or the size, shape and blemish restrictions of European grocery supply chains. This reduces unnecessary waste of fresh local produce, which we see as an important part of creating a sustainable local business. Using only fresh, in-season produce makes it possible for us to offer a wide variety of small-batch Noble Brandies, Gin, Whiskey and other spirits. Flavors like Bell Pepper (Paprika), Spinach and Cucumber - true rarities, complete our unique product range of noble brandies and spirits.

Visit us at one of the many events we exhibit at and ask for a sample!



Vienna is considered the capital of Art Nouveau, with more buildings and city infrastructure designed in this unique style than any other. Our product design is influenced by this rich art and architectural history of Vienna. We strive to offer local, high-quality products, which are as beautiful to look at as they are to taste. One of our goals is to reach the local tourism market by offering an authentic local product that pairs Vienna’s unparalleled beauty with a world-class product of it's urban agriculture.

The product and its packaging form a symbiosis with the ethos of Vienna.