Donauweibchen Gin


The tale goes that under the danube river is the glass castle of the mermaid king who lives there with his beloved mermaid daughters, known in German as the Donauweibchen.

These mermaids are creatures of good will, helping the fishermen and warning villages of incoming floods. At night, they also take human form and go into the city to dance and party with the people of the city.

On the darker side, the Donauweibchen have also been known to collect the souls of people they fancy in bottles.

Embracing this story and it's roots in Vienna, we’ve embodied the soul of the Donauweibchen in a bottle for you.


The bottle artwork for Donauweibchen was created by the American illustrator, Tony Millionaire. Chosen for his obsession with nautical subjects, a touch of the absurd and his fine abilities with a fountain pen, Mr. Millionaire's artwork reflects what's in the bottle. Hints of Vienna, Jugendstil, and classical beauty.

More of Tony Millionaire's work can be found here



High-mountain juniper berries

Hard soil and lack of heavy rainfall make our juniper berries taste more intense. They are harvested ripe and used immediately.

Orange peel

The bitterness of citrus oils complement and smooth the medicinal flavors of the juniper.

Rose hips

Rose Hips adds a fragrant note to the Donauweibchen that lingers in the nose.


Why percolate? Most producers of Gin use a mash where the ingredients are left in the alcohol in a bath which pulls a lot of the tans and muddies the flavor of the Gin. Sure, it's simpler, cheaper and quicker, but it's not good enough for Donauweibchen Gin.

Percolation is an ancient roman method where a large stone funnel is used to precisely control the flow of alcohol through the botanicals. As the alcohol slowly trickles through the botanical ingredients, it takes their flavor but leaves the harsh oils, tannins and unwanted bitterness.

The process is so slow in fact, that it takes a full week to produce just 50 Liters of Donauweibchen Gin per funnel. That's why it's small batch, and that's why it's better than the rest.

Give it a try and we think you'll agree.


Donauweibchen Gin
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Donauweibchen Gin

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