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Invivo Spirits – The Spirit of Vienna

Invivo Spirits processes local products from its own orchard in Vienna Simmering and works together with the Viennese market gardeners. We are an environmentally friendly company, specialized in regional production of high quality noble distillates.

The company was built up by the two daughters Victoria and Stephanie Felser of the founder and trained distiller Aco Nijemcevic and sold to the investor group International Spirits in June 2021.

Invivo Spirits’ guiding principles are not limited to saving time or money, but about refining existing fruits and vegetables when they are ready to harvest. Production techniques include vacuum distillation as a standard process and a very aroma-friendly fermentation. This is very unusual and rarely found in the market.

We produce small production quantities, 30 varieties of noble brandies and spirits that can only be offered seasonally.

In addition to our traditional line of fine distillates, we produced our first gin, Donauweibchen, in 2016. Our Donauweibchen “Small-Batch Gin” captivates with its unique bouquet and will surely lead to a breakthrough in the history of Viennese Gins! We know what you think … “What can be so special about this gin?”

Our production techniques make our Donauweibchen Gin unique. Juniper berries are collected only when ripe and processed immediately. Rosehips, orange, grapefruit and cardamom are blended with other exotic botanicals, but hey, we all have some secrets, right?

We offer the most harmonious gin you’ve ever tasted, full of fresh fruit flavor and endless persistence. This is achieved with percolation in stoneware instead of just a traditional maceration. The desired flavor is preserved and the bitter tannins cannot develop. Danube female is distilled exclusively only in vacuum equipment, which does not decompose the natural flavors. This is an elaborate and complex process that also takes longer, as you can taste, the dedication is worth it….

We explicitly recommend you to take a look at our website and the attached catalog to get to know our products! Exquisite flavors, vegetable spirits, rare fruits and various other distillates.


Officially registered in Vienna since 2014
Young female entrepreneurs (5th generation in the family business)
10-20 employees
Own orchard in Vienna Simmering on approx. 0.7 ha with over 300 fruit trees
We purchase our vegetables from regional market gardeners
Cultivation of medicinal and spice plants on the soils of our forefathers in Serbia (approx. 16 ha at high altitude)
2000 liters of production per year
Product line: brandies, spirit, gin, whiskey
Vacuum distillation and preceding pressure fermentation guarantee a touch more of harmony, smoothness and freshness



Aco Nijemcevic,

Master Distiller from June 2021 as a freelance consultant.
Graduate of the State Training and Research Institute for Fruit Growing and Viticulture in Weinsberg, Germany
Juror in tasting panels
at home: Destillata, state awards
Abroad: DLG, Concours International de Lyon, Int. Frankfurt Trophy and regional Serbian awards

Victoria Felser,

MSc, former CEO since July 2021 Consultant HORECA
Graduate of the Modul University of Vienna



Genthiano special (yellow gentian macerated in marc spirit) awarded 97/100.
Falstaff, 2016
Paprika Edelbrand: out of over 6000 exhibitors, ten products were selected as the most exceptional products and Invivo Spirits achieved 1st place with the Paprika Brandy
ProWein Düsseldorf, 2016
30 years barrel aged apple brandy awarded with silver medal,
Destillata 2014
Pear Brandy awarded with gold medal,
Destillata 2014



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