Vacuum distillation

We distill our products in a specially-design vacuum still which boils at a much lower temperature than under normal atmospheric pressure. Vacuum distillation is a distillation process that is carried out at reduced pressure (vacuum). This reduces the boiling temperature of the liquids to be separated. Vacuum distillation is a gentle separation process, so that substances can be separated that would decompose at higher temperatures. There are only a handful of these stills in use around the world. This method is particularly gentle and preserves the delicate thermolabile flavors which would normally decompose in a standard still. The reason we are confident that our product is of the highest quality is due to the quality of our source material, the award-winning talent of our master distiller and this unique method of production. Our gentiano brandy was rated 97/100 points by Falstaff. Our Paprika brandy was chosen as the Biggest Sensation and Most Extraordinary Product at the ‘ProWein Messe’ in Düsseldorf, Germany (2016) out of the entire list of products of more than 6000 exhibitors.


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